Top 5 and Bottom 5 annoucements from E3- The Platinumist

Okay so I’m going to be doing something I haven’t ever done before, yes a top 5 list. It’s not going to be traditional but I’m going to be bringing up the biggest things in E3 that either don’t matter or you should care about. There are probably a few surprises for those of you who follow me, but regardless here are my top things I cared about at E3 2017 and the Top 5 I didn’t care about.


What I Didn’t care about:

5- Metroid Prime 4 Announcement

Now I’m a huge Metroid fan. Metroid Prime 1 is one of my favorite GameCube games and is an absolute classic. It reinvents the series and adds a great sense of exploration and combat. Metroid Prime is a fantastic game and I have been waiting for this game for years. That being said, I am not one bit pumped for this…yet. Here is why. Nintendo announcing a game before anything is really revealed about it feels like when every other developer does that. There was no gameplay and a lot of other information was missing. Sure we got a cool space background with the words Metroid Prime 4, but there’s a lot of information missing there.

We found out that Retro studios isn’t working on the game, which is kind of a huge bummer. Those guys treated the series really well, but it will be interesting to see another team take on the task. The problem is that we don’t know who is working on it or even how far out this game is. Honestly this game is probably a 2019 or 2020 release date, most likely 2019. We didn’t see Samus, gameplay, artwork from the game and no studio behind the game. This announcement is kind of dead upon arrival. Great to know they are working on it, but we also got hints that this game was being made on WiiU in interviews around that systems release, so no excitement here yet.

(No Developer..concept art…release window? NO HYPE!!!)

4- Game Freak and the New Pokémon Game

So I didn’t think this would get announced in the first place, especially since they had a Nintendo Direct that was Pokémon focused the previous week. I thought for sure if this announcement was going to happen it would be some gameplay and more information. What we got instead was a guy sitting in a chair just telling us that the game is being worked on. I mean we got even less than what was announced with Metroid Prime 4. Will I be excited about this? Absolutely, but I have a few concerns regarding a new Pokémon game.

First this game is still a year or so out, which isn’t a huge issue, but no artwork or working title is a huge red flag. Second, we have had mainline console Pokémon games before, and they have pretty much flopped. Ever since the days of playing them on the N64, I mean okay, Pokémon Stadium was good, but it wasn’t revolutionary. We got the crappy ones on the GameCube and then they kind of faded out. It will be nice to see it come back to the big screen, but it’s definitely not the biggest news in the world. The last reason this is a concern is that there is still a lot of development going into the 3ds games. I would rather of have seen Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon been announced on Switch and 3ds then this announcement. I’m cautious about this and hopeful that it turns out correctly.

(We have gotten main=line RPG Pokémon games before….they weren’t that great…IMO)

3-State of Decay 2

I’m a huge fan of the original State of Decay but if there’s one thing that will kill my buzz more than anything is if nothing is done to fix the problems of the original. State of Decay 2 is not a pretty game and that’s considering that it is trying to show of the 4k power of the Xbox One X. I will most likely play this game, but knowing that the entire focus of the game has changed kind of has me wondering if I will play it. With the focus being on Multiplayer and no longer single player survival it makes me think that the developers forgot that those games exist already.

Games like Day Z and H1Z1 already have that market filled. State of Decay was great because it was just you against the zombie horde. You surviving out in the wilderness and learning how to get by day after day. You built up your compound and sometimes you had to take your weakest members out for a supply run to allow for your strongest party members to heal up. It was a nice back and forth. The trailer they used in the conference was pretty awful and it just ended up feeling empty. My hype for this game has officially been lost and I’m pretty sad about it.

(My hype for this game got steamrolled like…well like this guy is about to be)

2- EA’s Anthem

BIOWARE!!!!! Okay seriously though this game does look good and I can’t wait for it to release. So why is this on my top 5 didn’t care about? Quite simply EA and its treatment of games in the past. Remember Mass Effect Andromeda? Remember how good the trailers for that game looked? Yeah it was pretty awesome right? Well now let’s look at anthem. We got a really good look at the game in the Xbox conference, but this game is still a year or two out. I highly doubt it hits the 2018 mark, we are more realistically looking at a 2019 release date. So here’s a few concerns I have.

We didn’t see a whole lot of the game itself, sure we got to see the city and some flying, but it’s pretty much a short vertical slice of the game. We know that there is going to be some kind of RPG mechanic built into the game and that you can fly, but what else? My biggest concerns with this game is that it’s so far off and we know so little. If you show me a guy flying around in a suit and then he can go underwater sure I’m going to get excited. WE didn’t see a lot of combat, and what we did see seemed really short and simple. The game looks good, but that’s a super precise vertical slice and we all know about Bioware and Vertical slices. Not hyped…. not yet.

(Yes I am aware it’s pretty and looks good, but I know it’s a vertical slice)

1- Beyond Good and Evil 2

This shouldn’t be a surprise but with all of the hype attached to this announcement I can’t help but wonder? Why? My concern is from a good place though. Is this a game that needed to happen? Yes. I think this announcement needed to happen with gameplay and actual content from the game though. Remember that over 5 years ago we got a cinematic trailer of this game as well. Just because we get a cinematic trailer doesn’t mean the game will actually release. I mean just look at games like Scalebound…that’s never happening, at least like it was originally planned.

This is my cause of concern though we know nothing about the game. There have been articles about the game director coming out and giving his ideas for what the game will be. A huge open world where you can go to multiple planets with thriving economies. Procedurally generated worlds that would be huge and sprawling, sounds a little familiar to the lies and promises and No Man’s Sky. This game is still years out guys and as a result it’s not something to be hyped yet. If we get this in 2020 we will be lucky. These grand promises are a really big problem and one that I personally refuse to get excited about. Show me more when the game is done, not 4 years before you can realistically launch the game.

(You’re crazy if you think this is coming anytime soon)

Dishonorable Mention

So I think I would be stepping out of line if I didn’t mention the biggest blunder of the entire E3 experience this year and that is the Xbox One X. There is going to be an article going up on this later, hopefully soon, but the treatment of this is just weird. Microsoft could have delivered big promises with this announcement but they fell flat. They are already losing this generation and a big win here would have been a monumental move. A price point that was way too high, I mean you can get a pro that is pretty close in specs for 100$ less, and a bigger library of games, on top of no big game announcements. We got some launch windows, but we all know how that goes. So it didn’t make my top 5 disappointments of E3, but it’s worth giving a shout out.

(That price announcement felt very familiar to a conference a few years past….)

The E3 2017 Announcements I Cared About:

5-Mario and Rabbids

Yes, I know this is a shock coming from me but I am literally a huge Nintendo fan. Yes, I spent a whole month bashing them, but it comes from a place of love. I saw the leaks for this game and honestly I wasn’t that impressed to being with, but once I saw the trailers and what this game was…holy balls am I excited. This seems like a Mario turn based cover based game I am would have never thought I wanted. I’m not a huge fan of the Rabbids, but the humor that they always give is very welcome.

The thing that makes it to my list is that it actually looks good. I really thought I was going to be getting myself into a stupid crossover. What I’m getting instead is a very good crossover with thoughtful gameplay. I love RPG systems and taking that and making it into a turn-based cover shooter with a Mario setting is just awesome. On top of that a release date at the end of August just gets me really excited to play this game. It seems like a perfect entry into a type of Genre that most Nintendo focused gamers don’t get and is a type of 3rd party exclusive that Nintendo needs to stay relevant.

(Nintendo is making smart partnerships for games I want to play)

4-Wolfenstein 2

One of my favorite shooters from 2014 is coming back with a vengeance. Wolfenstein: The New Order was a huge shock to me and many other gamers globally. It wasn’t just a good shooter. The New Order had an amazingly human story and it really left me floored. It wasn’t a huge surprise that it was going to be releasing, but it was a shock that it seems to be embracing even more of those story elements. Machine Games understands what made The New Order such a great game and it is nice to see that they are continuing with those elements in New Colossus.

The trailer we got was action packed but also focused a lot on the story elements. I can’t wait to see what this new Exo-Suit is or even how BJ is going to be involved with the overall plot. It definitely alluded to the fact that the story may include parts from the past and even delve further into the future. Villains returning is awesome and it means that there are most definitely more surprises around every corner. If this game is even half as good as The New Order I will be so happy. I platinumed the original and it was one of my favorite games to Platinum. Now that we are getting more Wolfenstein I can’t wait to sink my teeth into my Nazi scum.

3-Evil Within 2

I love survival horror. When RE7 released this year I played that game 4 times all the way through. Yes it was for the platinum, but I love this genre of games. If you haven’t played The Evil Within yet you really need to. It is a fantastic game with really in-depth systems. The original had me screaming out loud from some of the intense scenes that were occurring. The game kind of fell apart towards the end, but the overall journey was an absolute blast. Now we get another chance to enter this world and explore the twisted mind of Shinji Mikami.

When the trailer started I was pretty sure we were getting another Evil Within but I didn’t think it would be with Sebastian at the helm. I’m excited to explore more with this protagonist and see what happens. The trailer revealed just enough weird to make me know that we will probably be exploring the weirder aspects of the original. It also made me happy to know that I’m not going to be a super powerful character. I want to know more gameplay details but at the same time I just want to be surprised. This game looks absolutely wonderful and it makes me want to go back and replay the original. Who knows…I may even stream it.

(So much hype! Great Series!)

2-Monster Hunter World

This came straight out of left field in Sony’s conference. So we know it’s coming to PC and Xbox one as well but this was by far my favorite announcement. It’s not my number one, but I think you will understand why in a paragraph or so. I love Monster Hunter. I joined in the experience with MH3 on the Wii U and I just fell in love with the idea. It was a fun game that just really will never end if you don’t want it to. Now with it coming to current day systems and moving away from the handheld space I couldn’t be more excited.

In fact, that was what grabbed me from the very beginning. At first I didn’t know what the game was and then everything just started to click. It was Monster Hunter. IN FULL HD! Monster Hunter has never been a pretty game but this looks downright gorgeous. I can’t wait to grab my sword and fight some Rathians or maybe even a Gore Magala? I can now join in fights with my friends on my PS4 and just spend an hour hunting whatever tickles my fancy. This announcement blew me away and made me want so much more. Monster Hunter world will be a huge time sink for me and probably a lot of my friends.

(Playing this with friends is going to be my favorite pastime for a while!)

1- Super Mario Odyssey

Okay so I got admit…this game looks phenomenal. I have never been more excited for a Mario game than when I put in my copy of Mario 64. Yeah I know I tore the game apart in previous posts, but I still have a strong love for the game. So anyways Nintendo’s conference was the one thing I was skeptical about because they really haven’t been strong in recent years at E3. Boy was I wrong about this one. Mario Odyssey looks amazing and it looks to be changing up the entire infrastructure of the game without sacrificing the core tenants.

When they first showed the hat feature earlier this year I was skeptical about why it would matter other than a new platforming tool and weapon. Showing off from the very beginning that you would be able to do things like control a T-Rex is super awesome and new. Being able to control cars, rockets and even GOOMBAS! COME ON! This is awesome! Then we got a release date which I was afraid of because this could easily have been pushed back to 2018. Yes, October 27th. Which is also the release of some other big titles, but Mario will definitely be in my Switch that day. Oh, and Mexico Mario is freaking amazing…not racist.

(My face while the trailer was running)

Honorable Mention

The one that didn’t make it in the list this year is of course Spider-Man from Insomniac. If you know me than you know that Spider-Man is my super hero. We got a full gameplay experience this year and it was super impressive. It is pretty much Arkham Spiderman and that is never a bad thing. It comes out next year sometime though so there is still a bit of waiting and they did show a lot, but it wasn’t enough to quite tip the hype scale to 11. In the end though everyone this E3 was a little lackluster compared to E3 of years past. So what were the announcements that got you excited or even a little disappointed? Let me know in the comments down below and I will see you next time!