The Platinumist begins!

Hello you trophy hunting mongrels and welcome to the platinumist!

If you have found my little corner of the internet you should know what i’m doing here and why it’s important. First and foremost my name is Justin and this is the video game website I have always wanted to do. Well okay, it may not be as pretty as I had dreamed of, but all in due time. This is my blog..duh…

The important thing here though is what this blog is going to do. is going to be an amalgamation of things. First it is going to have trophy support. So for those of you trophy hunters who are trying to figure out how to get that one pesky trophy I have your advice right here, which will lead into another part of the blog and that is the reviews. I will post reviews, at least one a week, these reviews will not be standard scored reviews either. There won’t be an 8 out of ten or an 81 out of 100. Instead at the end there will just be a simple did I enjoy it or not, if I did I think it’s worth your time. If I didn’t it may not be for everyone or anyone.

These reviews will cover the gameplay, story (when I can cover that aspect), sound/game design, as well as what will make these reviews a little different, the trophies. Yes I am going to review the trophies. First do they actually assist in making the game better? Then secondly how achievable is this trophy list and more importantly…did I achieve the trophy list?

The last type of post will be what I call unpopular opinions. It’s my place where I can vent and get off all the anger I have towards certain games or things that are currently going on in the world.

Well for now that is all I have to say. So welcome to and stay a while and read!