The Mystery of Edith Finch: Where is the platinum Giant Sparrow?

It’s a fair question I believe. Why don’t all games have a platinum trophy? Of course this is a question that as other fans of the trophy system can ask. Where is the platinum? There are a handful of games that come out over the 14.99 price mark and don’t include a platinum trophy. Yet there are also games that come in below the 9.99 price mark and they have platinum trophies. I simply ask…why?

Don’t get me wrong, having no platinum trophy is most likely not going to deter my buying of a game. I mean I already pre-purchased Edith Finch and I can’t wait to get into the game and discover what the brilliant minds behind The Unfinished Swan have come up with. The question still remains though? Where the hell is that platinum trophy. I don’t think it is too much to ask. It adds value to a game to many a gamer, myself including, and it also makes your game worth replaying or taking your time in. Look at games like Taco Master or even…(shudder) I Am Mayo. Those games have platinum trophies and gamers have flocked to them because they can get a shiny trophy added to their list.

You want an example of a game that should have released with a platinum multiple times. Let’s look no further than Resident Evil 4. Holy hell Capcom, give me that platinum. Just make it have it. I want an excuse to buy this game again, yet you can’t even do that can you? CAN YOU!?!? No, instead you re-release it time and time again with a few trophies. I hate to break it to you, I am not buying that game for the 4th time if you haven’t even added a platinum trophy? YOU HEAR?

(I know I’m being a prick about this, but give me the damn platinum)

So what’s the mystery behind it all? Why can’t all games have platinum trophies? I understand that not all developers will want their games to have platinum’s, in which I give a long and drawn out “WUT!?!” but that’s their choice? Why won’t Sony let all games be created equal then? I can understand a game like I Am Mayo not having a platinum, but it does? The argument that Sony has always given is “that the game’s content “has to be long enough to warrant the platinum? Let’s look at Taco Master and I Am Mayo. End of that bullcrap argument.

If this is a developer side then here is your message companies! Give me platinums! I bought Taco Master on the Vita just because it had a platinum. Mind you that game is actually fun as hell, but still I bought it just because it had a platinum trophy attached. If I didn’t know who the developer behind What Remains of Edith Finch, I probably wouldn’t have bought it. In fact I would have said “No thank, no platinum? I’ll wait for a sale.” and moved on with my life. Am I being a little uppity? Perhaps, but I don’t think it is too much to ask for.

It’s not about price point’s, it’s not about length of the game and hell it’s not even about whether or not the game is any good. It’s a freaking mystery that Sony just won’t answer. Lets talk about Hitman Season 1 that just ended a few months ago. Guess what it doesn’t have a platinum either. A full 60$ release. Sure it is DLC releases every month, but that’s not what matters. Freaking Telltale games have the same deal and they are only about 5$ an episode with a total 0f 24.99 on the price tag. So what gives?

Look all I’m saying, and this goes for developers, Sony, and gamers, is that don’t be surprised if we don’t buy a game because of reasons like this. We were told once that it was about price point, then it was about amount of content. Alright we get it, you don’t know either, so how about you come down and tell us huh? The last question to ask then is this? What remains of my platinum trophies?