The Game Plan

Okay so since I have started the Platinumist I realized a few things. 1- I have a crap ton to say about a lot of things. 2 – I want the writing to be a little better, I don’t think it’s bad, just that it needs some work. So recently I have been making one post a day. That is about to change. I am going to change the style to the following schedule, then you know to check on the blog if there is certain content you like more. Or you could just read it all, it won’t hurt my feelings at all.

So here is the schedule, let me know if you like it. Or don’t and just come and read anyways.

Mondays/Tuesdays- 1 post a day, Reviews, if i have a game I have platinumed that I can effectively write a review on. If there isn’t then it will be an opinion post, not an unpopular opinion.

Wednesdays- Nothing, unless I’m generous.

Thursdays-Unpopular Opinions. Since this is longer form it will take a while longer for me to write and eloquently put forward my ideas.

Fridays-Monthly Special, Right now it is Nintendfacts, but I plan on pushing this even further to other parts of the industry and I hope it’s something everyone enjoys.

Saturday/Sunday- Nothing, go spend time with your families.

Also if you haven’t noticed my reviews are going to start utilizing a new review scale. It is as follows.

Platinum- Freaking Superbly amazing game, you should buy it. Great trophies, story or gameplay. I loved it. Period.

Gold- Great game, everyone should play it, may have some issues, nothing is wrong with the game, but it may not have been my cup of tea.

Silver- Good Game, it is fun, it has value to it. This trophy is rewarded for games that are fun, but flawed.

Bronze-Okay game. It is a game, it functions, it plays. It may not be for everyone, but it may be up your alley.

No trophy-Well I think we can all agree that this just means it’s a bad game.