Taking Bethesda To Court….Skyrim again? PAID MODS!?!?!?

I’ve talked about Bethesda many a time on this site and for many a good reason. Their review policies are unpopular, their views on DLC can be…well quite weird sometimes (horse armor). Then Bethesda also makes some of the most fun games on the planet. From the seemingly never-ending mountains of Skyrim to the ravaged land of Fallout. They are known for making great games, but maybe not the savviest of business decisions. So today we are taking Bethesda to court and discussing what all of these changes mean and if they are for the better or not?


Paid Mods-

SO WHAT ABOUT THOSE PAID MODS FOR SKYRIM AND FALLOUT!?!? Yeah this has been the overall reaction to Bethesda’s announcement of the creation club. Fans and critics alike cried foul when they saw the conference. It’s a pretty popular opinion on Reddit and at first I kind of agreed. The idea of paying fees for mods kind of sucks. I’m definitely not the target audience as I personally don’t care. I don’t download mods and I think they are cool, but they almost never really have anything I want. Other than a few good laughs.

The crab armor argument became a topic of discussion upon many a site and at first I agreed. At least until I heard what Bethesda was actually doing. So here’s the truth guys, Bethesda isn’t making mods be a paid for service. Your currently free mods and all upcoming mods from independent creators will all remain free. There will be a Bethesda paid marketplace however that is controlled by Bethesda and will only contain their mods and “licensed” creators. So what does this mean for you the average player of Skyrim or Fallout 4?

(The face of Pure EVIL!!!!!)

Quite simply what this means is that there will be a new store option. You can get in your game and you see that Bethesda made some kind of mod for Crabs with armor, for example. You can now pay whatever fee they ask, they say it will be inexpensive, but you know we will see for ourselves on that point. You buy it, download it and voila it’s in the game. Crabs now have armor…. just like my ex-girlfriend…Kidding…geez…they were easy to get rid of. The difference here is going to be in the details, of course an individual creator can make all of these for free, so why is Bethesda charging for when their people do it?

Quite simply it is just a fee and the convenience of knowing that everything is safe as well as allowing for achievements and trophies to still be unlockable. This will be content that Bethesda themselves make, it will be QA’d by them as well as be available by them. Of course things can change but upon further inspection of the Creation Club it really isn’t as big a deal as the original announcement. It’s not a spit in the face or even a greedy company. Really it’s just another way to make business in their games. They aren’t getting rid of the individual creators, they are merely competing with them. Guess what though, if you don’t like it…don’t buy it.

(Yes this is controversial, but if it’s just their DLC then I don’t think it’s a big deal)


In a lot of ways, I totally agree with this sentiment. I mean Skyrim is well over 5 years old now, so why are we seeing so much of it? I mean getting it on the Switch was just kind of a nice thing. It was that moment of okay, Nintendo is getting some actual good games with support from 3rd parties, maybe this can work out. Then we get to the weird news like Skyrim coming to VR? I mean…okay, sure. That’s cool, but why Skyrim? I mean it’s 5 years old.

I think the biggest problem here is that it’s being thrown out there because gamers wanted a new Elder Scrolls game. So maybe we should stop and think for a second? Sure Skyrim VR seems like a pretty safe and cheap shot right? Have you ever stopped to consider that no game that big has been made available on VR yet? Sure we have a Fallout 4 VR coming and it’s going to be coming to the HTC Vive, so why not PSVR? Maybe because the tech isn’t good enough yet.

(Yes I understand why people are criticizing this…but it takes more effort than you think)

I can almost guarantee the specs needed to properly run Fallout 4 in VR on PC is going to be huge and it is probably going to be taking a big graphical hit at the same time. PS4 doesn’t have that option. It has a very limited RAM and Graphical processor that it can utilize. Of course they are going to test the waters with Skyrim first, it’s the game that the least amount of down rezzing will be noticeable. When you drive your new car do you take it down the dirt road or do you drive it on the nice paved road? It seems pretty common sense right?

This is a test everyone so of course they announced it, and everyone that makes fun and jokes that they are rereleasing their game again needs to think in common sense terms. This takes money to make. VR tech is not cheap and it’s not cheap to design for. These games have to be completely reworked and reimagined. It’s not just as simple as making the camera be moved by your head instead. It takes real work to prevent graphical tearing, a constant FPS which in a game like Skyrim is not an easy thing to do, as well as make movement seem natural.

(We aren’t here….yet)

This is a lot of work so for those naysayers out there who attack Bethesda for releasing it for 60$ again use your common sense, this costs money. Sure you may have bought it before but now they are giving you added value to it. Fully playable in VR if you don’t have a VR headset, don’t worry, you’re not the target audience. If you don’t want to pay 60$ that’s fine, don’t. Bethesda isn’t an evil company out to get your money, I mean yes, they do want your money, but they aren’t nickel and diming you here. If they released Skyrim the specialer edition that now comes with two new races to play as for 60$ yeah you have an argument, but right now the attack on Bethesda about Skyrim is pretty stupid.


The Conference Itself

The last thing that I heard really negative about in regards to the conference and everything announced was the conference itself. Sure we didn’t get any gang buster games, even though I totally disagree. I mean Evil Within 2 and Wolfenstein: The New Colossus, sign me up! Sure these were announcements that didn’t warrant any time for a real conference, but you know it’s Bethesda’s money…They can do with it as they please. The beginning was really just an overview of the last year and what they have achieved but it wasn’t poorly done by any means.

Was it a full-blown conference like Ubisoft or even Microsoft, well of course not, but it’s never meant to be. This was just them showing off what they had to offer. Bethesda’s games are in so many different genres that it’s hard to blame them for having what can be conceived as weak conferences. Of course they aren’t as strong as Sony. This is one company who happens to own several studios. They aren’t going to blow you out of the water every year, but they are trying.

In Conclusion

To adjourn court today I want to make one thing very clear, we as individuals…are babies. If there is one thing that Bethesda is guilty of it is trying new things. Yeah I know I protect them a lot but when you have a PR manager as vocal as Pete Hines, it’s not hard to ignore him. Bethesda is a company, they want money. If you are mad at them for that then you shouldn’t play games. It’s a business focused around money. There’s no micro-transactions in Skyrim or any exclusive content that you are being passed on. They are merely testing the waters with new business models. Remember that the more money they make, the better the games they can develop.

If you didn’t like their conference I can understand, but you know what, you don’t have to watch it. In fact, most people don’t and you can just see the big announcements. So in passing I simply say this. To take offense to what Bethesda showed off is to take offense at a company showcasing their content. Instead of jumping on a high horse and sharing your opinion why don’t you ask details about what they show. Sure the Content Creator sounded fishy, but now that the details are out there, it sounds reasonable. It’s not the end of the world or Bethesda as we know it. It’s just simply another way of doing business.

And that’s just dandy.