Sony’s E3 Confrence- Impressions and Review E32017

Alright so one big conference left to go tomorrow. This has been a weird E3 so far and I don’t know what to really say other than i’m hyped for some things and a little down. The important thing here is that Sony did show up once again and had a very solid if not underwhelming conference compared to years past. That being said lets get into the news and biggest things coming from Sony’s PlayStation 4!

Uncharted Lost Legacy-

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy got a story trailer and it looks quite impressive as Uncharted always does. The game looks to be hitting all of the right notes and Uncharted fans are going to be happy. One last venture in this world is just what PlayStation gamers need and it looks quite impressive to boot. Chloe is a solid lead but we still do not have a release date, but I’m guessing later this year.

(Chloe looks just as good as ever. Will be sad to finally be saying goodbye to this series)

Horizon Zero Dawn DLC-

Yes!!!! MY favorite game from this year is getting a DLC story expansion! It wasn’t backstory like I thought it was going to be, but it still looks awesome. It is taking place in the frozen wilds of Horizon and I can’t be more excited. I was a huge fan of Horizon when it came out and I like many other gamers platinumed the game. No official date yet but I would expect it later this year.

Days Gone-

We finally are getting a much more in-depth look at Days gone, about damn time. This is from Sony Bend and I can’t be more pumped for it. Honestly if you don’t know who Sony Bend is all you really need to know is they make high quality games. This may seem like more zombies, but trust me there will be a lot up the sleeves with this one. We did get quite extensive gameplay footage as well.

So there will be actual bike riding (yay!) and exploration in the game. This seemed like maybe a side quest, but it could be main story content too. We got to see a lot of the gameplay mechanics at work. It looks like a mixture between the Last of Us and Horizon Zero Dawn which can only mean great things. It seems you can take advantage of the zombie horde and use it against enemies and stealth will be just as important as having a good weapon. Overall this is game to be looking forward to, but no release window yet.

(Seriously can’t wait for this game at all. Bikes, Zombies and Stealth)


Yes my friends Monster Hunter is now back to SONY!!!! I no longer have to play this on my freaking 3ds and now all of my friends can play with me! So I’m a huge Monster Hunter fan and this announcement was enough for me to get super hyped. HD monster hunter is a dream come true. I expect tons of content and honestly this announcement made the whole conference for me. If you haven’t played before watch out for this title, it’s going to be huge.


Shadow of The Colossus!

Yes this game is being redone. Bluepoint is doing the game and all they pretty much do is HD remake of games, but they do it well. So we are now getting this world in Full HD and hopefully redone controls. I can’t wait to step into the shoes of the traveler once again and kill some colossi. No release date yet, but this makes up for the disappointing Last Guardian in my opinion.

Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite and ESV VR-

So we got a good first look at Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite. I have weird feelings for this game. First it does look good but the roster isn’t that impressive yet. Hopefully some more time will further flesh this out. The story mode looks like fun and is doing something new, I don’t know if this should be the selling point behind the game, but who am I to judge. We also got an announcement for ESV: Skyrim VR which is really cool. No idea about when or how much but still a really neat feature to add into the game.


So we got some other VR games announced 3 from supermassive and they all look pretty solid. One was a FPS shooter, another was some kind of adventure game and then we got one that looked horror based. Needless to say I really need to get a PlayStation VR set now. We also saw another FFV VR experience and a game called Moss which looks really neat. VR is being worked on by Sony and I think they are keeping up their promise to make more experiences.

(Superhot was also announced which is a super rad game)

Call of Duty WW2 and Destiny 2-

Jumping a little bit in the conference but we did get a trailer for CoD WW2 and the game looks great. I don’t think it will be a day 1 buy for me personally but the game still looks very impressive. It seems to mixing some history from what I can see, but I’m not going to complain too much about it since we don’t get many WW2 shooters these days. We also got more Destiny 2 video content, but we also got to see that there is PS exclusive content. Some exclusive strike, PVP map and even weapons, So destiny fans can be excited.

(I’m starting to come around on Destiny 2…I might get it)

God Of War PS4 and Detroit Become Human-

Yes we got another trailer for God of War and dear god this game can not come soon enough. We saw more story snippets and I don’t want to see any more after this. They have me sold and Kratos looks like he is finally falling into his role of a Sony mascot. The gameplay looks freaking phenomenal and as brutal as ever. The newer setting is also going to play a huge role. It is coming early 2018….get hyped.

We also got another type of story from Detroit: Become Human, this game is going to do some pretty big things. The game looks really well done so far and I really thought we would get a release date. The options and story choices being shown are really impressive and I can’t wait to jump into this world and story. It is definitely unique and will strike a cord with fans of David Cages previous games.

(I can’t wait to see the Norse Lore in-game)


Yes we finally got a complete gameplay trailer of Spider-Man. Last year when it was announced as PS4 exlusive I couldn’t believe it. Yes ladies and gentleman this is the Arkham Spider-Man game we have all been waiting for. We got to see a single story mission pretty much from beginning to end. We saw great combat, great web-slinging and some really cool traversal. Spider-Man easily runs up and down walls now and there was even some quick time events. It is going to just be Marvel’s Spider-Man and I can’t wait for 2018.


In Conclusion-

So another year has come and gone for Sony. This is the conference I always love watching because it is just super impressive every year. The only problem this year is that there wasn’t any super big announcements, but I think we can’t expect that every year. Monster Hunter World and Shadow of the Colossus HD are going to be huge games and personally have me excited. The conference was really short only about an hour, but we were just shown game after game. It’s not as good as years past, but from this E3 it has been the best so far. This fall is looking barren for both Microsoft and Sony and hey that just means 3rd party is going to be there for them. So easily a solid 7/10 if comparing it to years past, but a solid 9/10 comparing to what has happened so far. Stay tuned because tomorrow we have Nintendo…And we all know how much I love Nintendo.