Revenant Saga Review- The Platinum Review

Revenant Saga Review

I don’t play a lot of bad games anymore. At least games that instantly go into the category of “bad”. Usually games start to show issues, but they are at least experiences where one or two things are well done. In Revenant Saga I was given an experience unlike any game I ever have experienced before. The fact that this is a 15$ game doesn’t save it any though, so let’s get into the platinum review shall we?



If there is one thing that matters above all else in RPG’s it is the story. Since the story will be front and center and the driving force behind the “why” when you do things. One thing is for certain in Revenant Saga, a good story wouldn’t have helped this mess. First lets talk about the story. It’s sales page pegs it as a story of revenge for the main character Albert. Albert is betrayed by a mad doctor and his friend (possibly girlfriend) is killed. Some mad experiment goes wrong and then Albert is permanently transformed into another being a Revenant.

Albert then goes on to go on a story of revenge. To kill the doctor/scientists that wronged him and his precious girl(friend)? So reading that I thought the story would have some potential, but within the first hour I was horribly mistaken. Albert is an extremely whiney character in the beginning and you learn about the plague that has been sweeping the land. Albert’s parents died and Albert is a Debbie downer. His girl(friend) goes to help him but then finds out her parents have recently received the plague. About this same time a doctor shows up saying that he knows how to cure them.

(If any old man shows up as conflict occurs in the story you should instantly know…they are the bad guy)

The city tries to kick your girl(friend) out-of-town but turns out that both you and her fall for the good doctors charms and you end up going to his laboratory to help cure the plague. Oh yeah, turns out the doctor’s a bad guy. He has been creating the plague which creates things called Revenants, these Revenants are virtually unkillable as they are essentially zombies. These Revenants  are his ultimate creation and he has been going around the world creating them. In fact the only way to kill one is to be a part of the holy church and be blessed by their god.

The good doctor tricks you and supposedly kills your girl(friend) and then he is interrupted during the process of turning you into a revenant. You are buried because the church thinks you are dead. Albert then wakes up and discover that a demon has inherited your body (sounds cool right?) and that you are part revenant part human. Albert can absorb revenants bodies now, but in doing so the demon in you grows stronger and you lose parts of your humanity. Now this is all in the first hour of the game, if you decide to play this, I’m not giving anything away.

(Like seriously…the ad’s give the entire plot away)

The main part of the game takes place 2 years later after Albert has been scouring the land. So let’s get into the crux of the problem with this game. The story is dumb. If you describe the story like I did, it doesn’t sound half bad. The problem is that the way the story is told is flat out awful. First the dialogue between characters happens way too often. In fact you can barely go 1 minute without the game stopping to inform you of something. This character is hungry, this character is sleepy, oh and we are still going on an adventure to save the world guys!

It’s freaking awful. Not to include that the biggest plot point besides revenge is that all of the characters are hiding secrets, which creates the biggest problem in the game. Character having secret’s in games or even RPG’s is nothing new, but this level of secrecy is just flat out annoying. First ever character is hiding something huge and it’s supposed to drive home this idea that the character’s have depth, but it makes them very shallow. Normally this flaw would give you a reason to care, but these flaws actually make them annoying. Albert is hiding the fact that he is part demon while working with holy warrior, one character is hiding a secret about his past, oh and another is actually the daughter of the bad guy.

(Yes…this is a after, during and before shot of pre hanky-panky)

It’s not that these are secrets even hidden from the player though, mostly they are just hidden from one another. The story here is bland, boring and uninspiring. I never felt like I was doing anything worth my time and in this day and age a 12 + hour game better have a pretty convincing reason to keep me playing.



Now one of the first things that pops up when the game loads is that it was created with unity. I could have told you that within seconds of the game loading up. First off this game isn’t pretty, at all, but that can be something easily overlooked. I don’t expect AAA graphics out of every game, but it is worth noting. The environments are the thing that really stands out as looking bad here. First everywhere uses the same environments and color pallets, there is no uniqueness to any one area. All the forests look the same, all the dungeons/laboratories look the same, and all the cities look the same. This is almost funny when you look at them on the overworld.

It is literally the same icon used, no two cities look different on the overworld and the same for the labs/dungeons. It is almost insulting to see how very little time was spent on making this game feel unique. Dungeons feel uninspired with their entire design feeling boring and straight forward. I was never encouraged to explore or even to want to know what was around the next corner. Nothing is hidden in the game and as a result it just feels like I was playing a game of DND where the Dungeon Master just draws the map on a napkin. It doesn’t look good, it’s not well designed, but it gets the job done.

(I mean it is a map, not a good one, but a map nonetheless!)

This is made worse by the fact that the way the characters move in the world is like they are all on some serious cocaine. You literally shoot across the map faster than you should be able. Character designs in the game are all repeats of one another, except for the main characters. These are all actually individual and unique, other than important character everybody shares a similar character model. All the priests are the same, all the townspeople are one of 6 characters and all of the warriors are the same. These character models are just horrendous.

One of my favorite/worse parts of the game was how the character models acted when they were placed in the world. Most character models have a movement animation, but almost (almost) all of the NPC models, and main characters, when standing still do their walking animations. So their arms are waving back and forth and their feet shuffle while they are standing there talking to you. It’s like the entire population of Revenant Saga has fitbits and they forgot to turn it on while they working. It started as funny, but then I slowly realize that it was every character…and then I died inside.

(Her arms literally never stop moving back and forth)

Not every part of the presentation is bad. When a character shows up to talk and it shows you a close up of what they are supposed to look like, it isn’t half bad. The characters look unique, interesting and fit their personalities. Combat models aren’t the best (they are little blocky) however, some enemy designs and special abilities do look quite good. It’s just that the rest of the presentation is a really big mess.

The last big note here is the music, first the overworld music is like three different types of music playing at once. One is like sonic ringing bells, a guitar in the background and then some piano work. It’s weird. Then there are some songs like battles which isn’t too bad, but then everything else is forgettable, or really bad. Also the game likes to use some pretty awful sound effects that sound like they came from a 90’s computer. So every time you complete an objective it makes some godawful sound that makes you want to cry. So get used to that….


Okay so the story is a mess, the presentation is sloppy, but is it fun? Well ladies and germs if you hadn’t guessed by now…no. Not really. The biggest problem this has is that the gameplay is super choppy and always feels like it is going to crash. Now as a side note I primarily played this on the PSVita, but when playing it on the PS4 I got extremely similar reactions so it could just be luck of the draw, however it was consistent.

Now the biggest gameplay idea they have to show off is that you can “transform” in-game. It is supposed to be something to show of like Legend of Dragoon, where when you activate it your character turns into some super-cool DBZ character with awesome abilities. Except it’s not. You can activate it with no real downsides, other than you cannot heal your character. There is no real penalty for activating it and it really brings the overall quality of combat down. The transforming is supposed to make you stronger, but I never really noticed.


The biggest thing it allows for you to do is use certain abilities. These are a little big stronger, some require some wind-up, but most are instant. They deal more damage typically, but overall the transforming gameplay mechanic is both boring and pointless. Which is pretty much how the rest of the gameplay is. Abilities work and they do damage, but they aren’t that cool. The biggest problem to me was that the combat wasn’t really fun. It was just more of a chore. Encounters occurred way too often to be of any fun, and most fights were way too easy. Even boss fights aren’t that difficult and just come down to you spamming abilities at the boss until they die.

There are items in the game so you do get better weapons and armors. However because there is an upgrade system (that is really ridiculous) you can upgrade your weapons using crystals you find in the world or on the special in-game shop. Occasionally when you fight enemies will drop a resource called RSP, you can use these to shop in that special store. You can get really good gems, or health items, or even armor and weapons. This undermines the idea of buying new items because upgrading them gives you better weapons than what you can buy. Overall Revenant Saga isn’t a fun game to play.



Now I love me some trophies and I will power through games even if they are bad if it has a good trophy  list. Revenant saga has a FANT-terrible trophy list. First there are the traditional trophies, such as kill this many people, use this many skills and transform a certain amount of times. Get the true ending, beat the game, and then some crazy ones. Such as dealing a certain amount of damage, or even doing a certain amount of damage in the mini-game which is just fighting monsters in a box.

It’s an uninspired trophy list and a boring game to platinum. Right now I am finishing up the story, about 1 hour left and then all I have to do is just farm my way to higher levels. It’s boring and not fun. Period.

The Verdict.

Don’t buy this. No trophy score here. Just blank. Not worth 15$. 10/10 would not play again.