An Open Discussion With Fans

I was originally going to do a traditional opinion post today. I eventually decided against it for a variety of reasons though. First was because Thursday is the 1 month Anniversary of The Platinumist (Yay!). The second is that I wanted a chance to talk to all of you, and what you want out of The Platinumist. I said that in my first post I want to make this an Ad-free experience and I will still never waiver on that front. I never want someone to click on one of my articles and then there be some kind of ad above it advertising some crappy game or product.

That’s wrong and I personally detest that type of gaming journalism. I want to eventually evolve The Platinumist into something more, but the question is what do you want it to become? I want to know the types of articles you like, how often do you want them? Currently the schedule is Monday/Tuesday is opinions/reviews. Since I only review a game after I platinum it, or I’m so close what’s left is a short grind, they take a little longer. Wednesday I don’t post at all so that I can focus on the bigger posts on Thursday and Friday. Thursday’s are my Unpopular Opinions, which I think most of you enjoy. Friday is my rant post, which will change month to month, this month is Nintendo, so who knows what next month will be.

(Quite possibly coming soon…)

So my question to you, the reader is this, do you like the setup? If not what would you like me to focus on? You can message me directly, drop a comment, or even talk to me on Facebook. The other big thing I want to know is what do you want from the future of this site. I have a lot of big ideas, but the reality of those ideas are that I need more time to make them a reality. I would love to eventually make Unpopular Opinions a YouTube show, I think the visuals and even maybe a camera with me in the shot could make that fun. It would be quite a while before I am ready to launch anything like that, but that’s because of time, and well money.

I really like the idea and then I have the idea of one day streaming games, I don’t know if that’s something you would like, but it’s an idea. Eventually, and this is way down the line, I want to make this a thing. Like the thing that I do for a living, is it a pipe dream? Yeah, but just seeing how much the site has grown in the past month it makes me realize that there is some potential. It has to start somewhere and I think this is a pretty good launching pad. I don’t want to emulate other infamous people like Jim Sterling or even the Completionist, but I want to do something new. Personally the Unpopular Opinions segment is one of those things. I also love writing it.

So without me rambling on too long, the question I want you to answer is this, What do you want out of the Platinumist?