Oh Ubisoft- Jim Sterling and Ubisofts Slow Fall From Grace

Thank God for me. Well if I was Jim Sterling that is. I’m not, but if I was. Well okay I think you get the bloody point. Ubisoft is my platform of pleasure today and it’s for a variety of reasons. If you haven’t ever watched one of Jim Sterlings many Jimquisition videos then you are probably asking yourself a question? One who is Jim Sterling and two, what does Oh Ubisoft mean? It is typically at the end of one of his videos and references something stupid or some kind of backtracking that the company known as Ubisoft has done, and we all as the gaming collection go in unison….OH Ubisoft, as if we are scolding some kind of child, nicely though.

(I know someone who is about to lose a finger)

So why does Ubisoft get hammered so often, I mean they release games pretty regularly and they review extremely well. Okay, maybe not extremely well, but you don’t see anything below a 6/10 come out of any of their many studios. So what is Ubisoft’s problem? Well it comes in really two varieties. First off most of their games are the same game, just different skins with different gameplay mechanics. Secondly, Ubisoft lies….a lot….. and I mean freaking all the time. Want some examples…here you go

Let’s start with a small one, well relatively small considering the size of Ubisoft. Remember a little game called Rocksmith? Of course you don’t, but the entire premise is that you could hook up a real guitar to your console and learn to play your sweet, really expensive art collectible that you tell everyone you never have time to play anymore. The problem was that at launch previous owners of the Xbox360 version were found unable to transfer the DLC, it wasn’t until many months later that some individuals who had paid over 100$ in DLC were finally able to get their games transferred. Okay so a small example, how about something bigger?

(Keep telling yourself you are going to get to all of your hobbies eventually…we all do)

So how about every new game that Ubisoft comes out with, here is just a short laundry list of lies that we have all suffered due to Ubisoft’s inability to just tell us from start. Assassin’s Creed: and it’s season pass being cancelled and anyone who purchased it were given an older free game, LAME. The division will never have micro transactions……yup that happened, oh there will be no pay to win or anything of the sort in For Honor….another lie, and even such simple things like Watch_Dogs graphical fidelity being lied about.

I mean it’s not like they didn’t deserve getting an entire section of the Jimquisition dedicated to them. So they lied, big whoop. Every game developer lies to us once in a while. I mean just look at No Man’s Sky and Sean Murray. Sometimes even the best of intentions can’t keep the reality and business away from game development. That is okay though, I can accept that. What I can’t accept is how a company that makes some really fantastic games is unable to make new games. Ubisoft is becoming another Activision and that is something I definitely don’t want to see happen…period.

(Hope you weren’t looking forward to playing with your friends)

In fact the only difference between the two companies at this point is that Activision is aware it makes the same game again with different settings, and Ubisoft just closes their eye’s with their hands and hums real loud to pretend that isn’t true. Every 3rd person game from Actisoft is literally the same game. Watch_Dogs, Assassin’s Creed, Ghost Recon: Wildlands, and even The Division. Sure these games do have things that make them individual, but they all follow the same game pattern as the other. Big open world, check. Collectibles that make very little sense in those world, check. Guards and some kind of system for how much trouble you are in?

Check yet again. See these are so similar the only real difference is that they have different settings and a little bit more customization to the characters that are involved. Even Far Cry is super similar at this point. So does ubisoft deserve to be heckled? Yeah….they do. How about we make some new games. I mean they did make For Honor, which I enjoyed, but I would have preferred some more single player content, let me rephrase that, some high quality single player content. They have good ideas, I just want to see them capitalize on them and actually develop them fully into a game.

(Arise from your grave Ubisoft, ARISE!!!!!)

Jim Sterling is right, Oh Ubisoft, we expect better out of you… so please…prove us wrong.

And thank god for….Jim Sterling….