Doom: A Platinumist Review

Welcome to hell. There I think that’s just about the best introduction I could give for this game.



Now if you know anything about me you know that I care about stories. I care about the magic that they bring to the table and the inspiration for someone to finish a game. I don’t believe that every game has to have an impact like the Last of Us, but I still expect there to be something there. What do you know…. Doom has it all. Now I have a confession to give however, I wasn’t a Doom kid. I didn’t play the original until about 3 years ago and I loved it of course, but still it took me a long time to realize what Doom really was. I read Masters of Doom by David Kushner about 4 years ago and that is what made me finally play the game.

4 years ago I was an unintelligent ape. 3 years and 364 days ago I became an unintelligent ape with the ability to kill demons. It really is a big difference. Now I could go on and stroke the proverbial Doom train, or I could go ahead and tell you why  you should play, platinum and make sweet love to the remake of Doom. Period. Period. Period. I ran out of ways to say play the phreaking thing.

Now if you had played the original doom you would be excused for thinking there was no story. Honestly it wasn’t important to them at the time, well by them I mean John Carmack and his reference to story in games being like story in porn. Which let’s be honest what is more important, the action and shooting, or the story behind why?  (You see it’s funny because you aren’t sure whether I am referring to the porn or Doom) Regardless of the feelings of the team the original doom wasn’t a story masterpiece, however it was a gameplay masterpiece. Today it is still one of the most popular games of all time and new mods are made for it almost daily.

(Still iconic today)

If anything though the Doom 2016 reboot should be considered a huge triumph in not only gameplay but in its way of telling a story as well. Doom’s story is nothing short of spectacular and what makes it even more impressive is just how much of it you don’t have to care about. I like to think of the story as that of an MMO. Well not quite so text heavy, but it is similar. Instead of you having to watch a cut-scene to understand every nuance about this world, you are just thrown in. You can shoot your gun, rip demons heads off and that’s what matters. The story is just the icing on top of the cake.

When most people think of WoW they don’t think of the story. That’s the same way that Doom is. Sure there is a story, but most won’t care one bit about it. Doom’s story though is so impressive and is at the heart of everything. Codex’s are hidden in little corners and every demon has a story behind them. Their ranking in the hellish army, what kind of flesh they like to eat for dinner, none of them like it medium-well by the way. That’s what makes it so cool. The best part though is that you can completely skip it.

The game is pure action the entire way. If the action ever stops it’s only for around 30 seconds to a minute at most. Characters in the game talk to you while you bash in the skull of an enemy and all of that is good. I never felt like I was playing CoD, Halo or even battlefield. I felt like the story was just an awesome backdrop for one the most action packed and hardcore games I had ever played. Doom is just awesome and it’s story is no different.

(Codex entries cover weapons, enemies, lore and everything in-between)



Have you ever been to hell? Well I have been to my grandmothers and ate cheese that turned out to be Tofu once and she had no TV, video games, or any good music, oh and lived in a travel trailer. I think I can qualify myself as having personally lived in hell, if not at least visited. Doom imagines its entire world perfectly. From industrial buildings whose only purpose is to be efficient at draining hell energy to the depths of hell where tofu originated, Doom is a presentation behemoth.

It may not be the most colorful game in the world, it’s not full of green fields and colorful rainbows. It’s full of deep browns and glowing eyes, and oh baby does it feel and look beautiful. Every corner is a new surprise, with giant flame spewing furnaces and scientists missing half of their bodies, everything just fits. The guns look like they fit in this world, utilizing blue energies and mini-guns that turn into personal turrets. Everything is just awesome. Que the lego movie soundtrack.

This is because everything just fits together here. First off the world building. From demonic hellscapes to the offices of mars. Everything looks perfectly in place here. From the beginning you understand that there is a demonic invasion here in this place and it feels like it. You almost never see another human in-game and it feels hauntingly satisfying. You can see the corpses of people everywhere and hastily scrawled messages in blood. It all just sells the entire presentation. You never think that this was designed to be here, everything just looks like it fits. That body, it belongs, that severed hand, obviously it came from that guy who was taking too long on the toilet. It all just works.

(Give me a second *sniffle* It’s just so beautiful)

Of course Doom wouldn’t be doom without sound. From the groans of the demonic hoard to the ripping and shredding cords of a guitar straight from hell Doom doesn’t disappoint. In fact the music is hauntingly beautiful and should be no surprise as it comes from Mick Gordon. It takes some classic music from doom and re-works it into a beautiful thing. You may see millions of people tried to create the doom theme on youtube, well step aside. The music is so brilliantly created and works into the sound design so perfectly.

This is a really hard thing to do because music should accent the action and not take over and again Doom not-so-surprisingly succeeds. The music has purposeful low moments in it that feel perfectly in pace with the exploration vibe of the game. The dust that is settling over the mars landscape falls down peacefully as you listen to a low synth in the background. Then a demon pops up and the rock motif comes back as you fire a shotgun blast into its chest and then rip its arms off only to bash its head in with it.

It’s quite honestly some of the best music to gameplay match in existence. Every song matches it’s area which considering the amount of variety it really is stunning. All in all the presentation of the game is just phenomenal. Over the top action and gore that looks and feels realistic at moments, to music that just makes you want to rip your shirt off and scream. Doom is a presentation masterpiece.

(Music matches every location and every location matches the music)



Now if you are a fan of the original Doom then you know that the gameplay has always been fast, fluid and a ton of fun. The newest entry is no different, albeit a few changes to the tried and true gameplay of the past. First and foremost gunplay here is perfect. It’s fun, fast and fluid just like the originals. It knows that the guns really need to be front and center and that you need to feel powerful, but at the same time mobile. That’s what makes Doom different from every other shooter, mobility.

The amount of jumping and running you do in this title is really what sets it apart from other franchises. You aren’t allowed to stand back and take potshots, you do that…you die. You take cover behind a wall and slowly wittle the enemy down, two show up from behind and hit you twice…dead. That makes all the difference. Doom guy is in constant motion and as a result it really does change the entire pace of the game. To back this up they designed a the glory kill system and it works just like it should. Perfectly.

The glory kill system allows for you to mostly kill an enemy, once they start to glow orange you can initiate a brutal melee kill on them. This will cause them to drop ammo, health and sometimes shields. This means that you are in a constant state of motion trying to keep all of your resources up. Every weapon plays to this idea as well since the game gives you up upgrades to your weapons. Now your assault rifle has miniature missiles it can shoot, your shotgun can shoot out an explosive shot, or you can even charge the shot on your pistol. Everything plays to the idea of constant motion.

(Every glory kill is fun, imaginative and most importantly…gross)

No one weapon is too overpowered and that’s what keeps this game from getting too boring too fast. The weapons may hit hard, but the enemies…they hit harder. In the beginning a single fireball from an imp can take away over half your health, in later parts of the games enemies hitting you make you seriously reconsider ever being born. That’s what makes the dance so beautiful though. Level design is purposeful and is designed to make you think of every single action and jump you take.

Which also brings me to power-ups. There are power-ups in the game and there aren’t a ton, but when you get one you feel like you have powered up. You aren’t invincible but you sure do feel like it. You can pick up one titled Rage and then you throw away your worldly weapon to start caving in skulls with your bare fists, you can pick up quad damage and kill a large demon with a single shotgun shell. It all just feels so good.

Now the other part of this demonic amalgamation of awesomeness is the exploration. Much like the original doom you are still going to be finding your way out of these levels and looking for keycards and the such. Exploration in-game is very well done, it may not be the most exciting thing, but it does give a nice break from all the carnage. In fact, finding secrets in certain areas is a really fun and interesting way to discover little nods to the previous entries. Also there are these really cute doom dolls, and trust me. You will want to collect every last one of them.

(Cute and totally fistbumpable)

The last words about gameplay have to be this. It may not be the deepest system. But it is one of the most fun systems. Doom guy can be upgraded, he can collect runes that give him power ups in game, it just works altogether. Like seriously…play this.


Now if there was one thing I was worried about with this game was going to be its trophy list. First it does have an online multiplayer, second it does have collectibles, and third it’s a pretty difficult game. Luckily I have personally received the platinum in this game and did it in around two weeks. It would probably have been less but at the time I was moving and had a whole slew of things going on.

So first off the multiplayer trophies. These are pretty easy. You only have to win a few matches and reach level 5. So at most you will probably spend about an hour on the multiplayer. It’s not bad, but it’s also nothing worth mentioning, totally doable though. The second thing is do snapmap. The two snapmap trophies are not difficult, but they are time-consuming and not necessarily fun if you aren’t into level creation. They are not hard trophies, but they are not the most exciting either.

The nicest thing though is that collectible hunting is pretty easy, just go back through the levels and at this point there are tons of guides on where things are, so you have that at your disposal. The other thing you have to worry about are challenges. Most of them are pretty doable, a few will challenge you, just don’t get discouraged. You do not have to beat the game on the hardest difficulty, thank god. You do however have to beat the intro level on the hardest difficulty. So for some tips. First take that whole section slow, take your time and don’t rush like you do in the base game, it will get you killed. Second use your pistol and all the UAC zombie guys, don’t waste your shotgun ammo on them. The last tip is that death comes really fast, so know the level design and don’t get trapped.

A really good platinum trophy to get and a really fun 30+ hour game.

(Multiplayer is there, but I didn’t care for it)

In the final words of this review I only have a few remarks to give out. First and foremost you should play this game. If you haven’t you are missing out. If you like good games this is for you. If you like shooters, this is for you. If you like action and metal. This is for you. Did I like it? I don’t think there’s a chance in hell I’m going to say anything other than **** YEAH!