Bethesdas E3 confrence 2017- Platinum Impressions and Review

Alright Bethesdas E3 confrence has come and gone for a 3rd year and they continue to prove why they are relevant. It was a super late confrence in my part of the world. 11pm but it was nice short and sweet. Just like i like it. So what was announced and what matters? Lets find out!

Intro and Bethesdaland

So we are first treated to an intro with the kids of Bethesda employees. It was really cute and well done. Really enjoyed this bit being a new dad. We got some teasers for the kind of games They had been working on and Ann idea that Bethesda cares about their employees.

Then we get the kind of theme park adventureland type map which gives an overview of what we would be seeing in the conference. Pete Hines came out for a short minute and then we got straight into the announcements. Really well done on Bethesdaland. Perfectly summed up what they wanted to achieve.

Recap of 2016 and 2017

We were then treated to a nice montage of all that Bethesda has released on the last year or so. It was no more than 4 minutes long and gave a nice brief overflow of Bethesda recently. Really well done without taking precious time away from the announcements that would end up being the focus.


Then for the first big announcement of the night. Bethesda VR. We got a look at two games that will be utilizing this but no solid dates. First we had Doom VFR. It looks really cool and point to click. Pretty sure it is exclusive to the HTC Vive, but no solid info yet. It is point to move and looked really fun and rad.

Then we got the annoucement that Fallout 4 is going to be completely playable in VR now it looks like the real deal and it is the entire game. No annoucements on what headsets at the confrence or pricing but still it’s really cool to see that VR is being supported.

ESO, Creation Club, and ES Legends

So then we got treated to a short trailer showing off ESO. It was actually pretty funny showing fans reactions to the trailers and then them making fun of some the reactions. It made me want to play again and maybe I will.

Then they started talking about the modding community that has started and now there will be some kind of Creation Club. It sounded neat but looked like there might be microtransactions. Still neat. The we got a look at there CCG Legends. It still looks good but it’s not for me.

ESV Switch and Dishonored

Then we got to look at Skyrim on switch. No solid date yet but I’m assuming that will be Nintendo’s announcement to make. We did see Amiibo functionality and placing links Amiibo did make him playable in game which wad awesome. There will also be motion controls available so…yay.

Then Dishonored 2 is getting new DLC. I have yet to best the 2nd game so i know very little about the characters involved. It is a new assassin and she looks really awesome. Comes out September 15th and looks to be focusing on the outsider.

Id and Quake

We then got to look again at the new Quake Champions. I have yet to play it, but it does look spectacular as always. They are pushing it as an esport and there will be a championship for 1 million dollars. BJ from Wolfenstein is going to be in the game and i still can’t wait to play it.

Evil Within 2!

Yes ladies and gentlemen Shinji Mikami is releasing a new evil within game. This one looks too be even more creepy and horror filled than the original. It does seem like we are getting new enemies and it really looks like it is going to be balls to the walls awesome. Comes out friday the 3th in October.

Wolfenstein New Collosus

HELL YES! The new order was one of my favorite shooters when it released and is still one of my proudest platinum I have unlocked. The trailer started with spoof german TV shows and was pretty freaking hilarious. Then we get treated to a ton of story content.

This looks to be after the New Order but it seems like there will be some jumping around for story threads. There is some new exosuit that BJ uses and I’m excited to see how it works out. No solid release date but the game looks solid.

(old villains return!)

Ending Impressions

So then Pete Hines comes out and blows everyone’s minds by saying everything will be coming out this year that was shown. So no solid dates on some games but before December 31st is gold enough for me.

So in my opinion tgis was a pretty great confrence. We got 3 new games and 2 DLC type additions. The entire confrence was only 40 minutes long and there was a lot off great things in that 40 minutes. No boring speeches or PR speak. Great show. Solid 8/10.